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Why you need a brand new outfit for New Year’s Eve

“Out with the old and in with the new”

This old proverb fits New year’s Eve perfectly. It stemms from the belief that you need to wear something new on the 31st of December to set the tone for the rest of the year; wearing something old would bring bad luck.

Regardless of your belief in such ritualistic behavior, wearing a new outfit for New Year’s Eve does put you in that perfect mood to start off the year with positive vibes. And positive vibes attract positive situations.

To help you out, EVERYTHING in the store is 15% off untill January 2nd. Just use the code Happy2019 when checking out.

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YouTube Fashion Channel

Rey Vanderbilt and Aron Bijl on YouTube

We will soon be starting to record and publish the first clips for our coming YouTube fashion channel. We, Aron Bijl and Rey Vanderbilt, will be discussing many topics there, as well as giving you “behind the scenes” looks at our lives trying to build up Vanderbilt Bijl. And undoubtedly we won’t resist giving our opinions on current events and who knows what else. So maybe YouTube fashion channel doesn’t fully cover what we prospect to do.

So what’s our plan?

The format of our YouTube channel isn’t set yet, as we want to find out together with you, our audience, what you would like to see and what we would like to create. One thing you can be sure of: We like to say what we think. After all, communication makes little sense if you can’t even be honest. That means no holding back, no euphemisms and no censorship. In short: Fun! 🙂

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Vanderbilt Bijl: Limited Edition Fashion Only!

Limited Edition Fashion

Did you know that all of our clothes (except underwear) are limited edition? Usually we never make more than 10 to 20 pieces per design. This way you are ensured of a unique look, in stead of wondering what that mirror  is doing walking along the street, only to find out it is somebody wearing your outfit (I guess that’s why they call it WE)! 

Apart from our ‘normal ‘ limited edition piece, we also Limited Edition Fashionoccasionally feature custom one-off pieces, designed and handmade by Aron Bijl and/or Rey Vanderbilt themselves, which go up for auction.

No matter what you buy, you can rest assure there will not be many copies of you walking around.