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5 reasons why you need a tailored suit

tailored suit double breastewd
Have you ever wondered: “Do I need a tailored suit?”
 “vestis virum reddit”
Is an old Latin proverb, better known in English as clothes make the man. And this cliche is as true as they come. Research shows that what you wear has a significant impact on how you perform. But a suit can be quite an investment, do I really need it? Depending on your appreciation of fine design, the answer is a definite “yes!”. Following are 5 reasons why you need a tailored suit:
  1. Non tailored suits just never fit. We know you tried. And failed. Everybody has.
  2. As just mentioned what you wear has a significant impact on how you perform. When you are dressed sharply, you feel good about yourself and thus perform better on average.
  3. It has a profound impact on other people’s first impression of you! Basically not dressing up when it matters, is like shooting yourself in the foot. You start off with a handicap. Research has proven this time after time. A good thing? Maybe not, but foolish to rebel against at your own cost.
  4. A tailor-made suit fits perfectly, which is the difference between a sharp looking suit and one looking like one of those square-shaped blazers made to fit Joe Average. Which brings us back to points 1 and 2.
  5. The quality is so much better, that in the end, you can ask yourself which option is more expensive for what you are paying for.
At Vanderbilt Bijl we offer a tailored suit, including pants and vest, for only 369.99. You can choose between single – and double-breasted varieties. Considering what you are getting, that is almost a steal.